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PhD Design Technology (University Malaysia Sarawak) 13 Oct 2012
Full time Lecturer 2003 to present, University of Baghdad/ College of Fine Arts/ Design Department, Location: Baghdad

– Graphic designer at Iraqi Fashion House, (2001-2002)
– Assistant Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Baghdad University (10.03.2003 to 2.9.2018)
– Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Design and Architecture, Petra Univ. Teaching: Technical Drawing and Perspective, Design History and Theories, Aesthetics and Art Appreciation, Graduation Project, Typography (21.02.2016 – 01.07.2016)
– Member of PhotoshopCreative magazine: Readers’ Images since March 2013.

Selected Publications:
– Artwork featured at Practical Photoshop, UK Magazine, issue 30, Sept. 2013, p.67
– Artwork featured at Hall of Fame, Vol 2, p.30, under Photoshop Creative magazine, UK, 2015
– Interview at Photoshop Creative magazine, issue 140, p. 111, UK, 2016
– Artwork featured at Readers’ Images in PhotoshopCreative magazine, issue 152, p. 11, UK, 25 April, 2017.
– Six artworks featured at Reader Focus in Photoshop Creative magazine, issue 161, p. 98, UK, 2018. Future Publishing Ltd., ISSN 1747-7816
– Artwork featured at Readers’ Images in Photoshop Creative magazine, issue 163, p. 10, UK, 2018.
– Artwork featured at Readers’ Images in Photoshop Creative magazine, issue 164, p. 10, UK, 2018.
– Artwork featured at Readers’ Images in Photoshop Creative magazine, issue 165, p. 10, UK, 2018.
– One of my photos was selected by Getty Images, its name Parliament Building.
– Artwork featured at Readers’ Images in Photoshop Creative magazine, issue 169, p. 11, UK, 2018.
– Two artworks featured at Photographize magazine, issue 39, Sept. 2018, p. 117 & p. 118, US.
– Two artworks featured at Photographize magazine, issue 42, Sept. 2019, p. 125 & p. 126, US.

Selected Papers:
Raqee, S. N., & June, S. K. N. (2010). The role of photo-Surrealism in print advertisements. The International Journal of The Arts in Society, 5(1).
Raqee, S. N., & Fatthee, L. E. (2014). Comparison study between graphic design applications. Journal of the College of Basic Education, 20(86), 525-538.
Raqee, S. N., & Fatthee, L. E. (2015). Absurdism in Commercial Advertising Design (In Arabic), DIRASAT TARBAWIYA 9 (35), 235-250.
Najmuldeen, R. S. (2015). Emptiness and space in graphic design: The problematic of dilemma. Al-Ustath (University of Baghdad Journal), 1(212), 695-712.
Najmuldeen, R. S. (2018). Magical realism in advertising. International Design Journal. 8 (2).
Najmuldeen, R. S. (2020). Impact of Cranbrook on Graphic Design, Al-academy Journal, Issue 97, published in 15th September.
Najmuldeen, R. (2021). The Digital Divide and Its Implications for Graphic Designers. BABIR International Journal for Human Sciences, 3(1), 27-33.
Najmuldeen, R. (2021). Graphic Design and Art Management. Dirasat Tarbawiya, Ministry of Education

Najmuldeen, R. S. (2015). Entries in: Art and design. US: CreateSpace.
Najmuldeen, R. S. (2015). Surreal photography and effective advertising. US: CreateSpace.
Najmuldeen, R. S. (2021). Made in Design: Doorways in the Corridor of Design (Arabic) paperback, Dar Stoor Publisher, Baghdad, Iraq.

Exhibited Posters:
– Anti-Novel Corona-Virus 100 Poster Exhibition, Wenzhou Library, China, 1st August 2020
– Red Zone Exhibition (Top 100), Union of Designers, Russia, 07/20/2020
– 2020 The International Exhibition of Professional Artists “X Design Power”, Korean Communication Design Association (CDAK), South Korea, 2020
– China/Belgium International Cultural Poster Design Exhibition (Fusion & Participation), Belgium, Chinese Embassy in Belgium, China Europe International Design Culture Association CEIDA, Word Magic Camp, 2020
– Grande Festival (Italy), International Poster Exhibition, 2020
– Fragile Property of Humanity (Russia) (Top 100), Association of Designers, 2020
– New Normal Era (South Korea), KICD Summer International Conference & International Invitational Exhibition, 2020
– 2nd Emirates Int’l Poster Festival EIPF, The cultural & scientific association, Dubai, 2020
– 2nd Prize in “Poznan in a Poster” (Top 30), University of Arts in Poznań in cooperation with the Rarytas Foundation, Poland, 2020
– Ecuador Poster Biennial/ Dignavidad Christmas, International Invitational Poster Exhibition (Top 64), International Invitational Poster Exhibition, 2020
– Cow 2020 Illustration Biennale (Top 243), Ukraine, 2020
Design and Finding Hope, KICD international invitational Exhibition, South Korea, 2021
– 5th International Poster Contest by “Break Down the Walls” (top 50), Graphic Stories Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2021
– 11th International Eco-poster Triennial, Association of Graphic Designers 4th Block/ Ukraine, 2021
– Sexual Harassment International Exhibition, The International Network of Visual Creators RINC, Mexico, 2021
– Virtual Digital Art Exhibition “A New Hope”, Asean Digital Art Society (ASEDAS)/ Malaysia, 2021
– Stanislaw Lem poster exhibition (Top 146), Poland, 2021
– Peru Design Biennial (Top 465) out of 95.972k, Peru, 2021
– Calanca Biennale 2023, The Colors of the Moon International Contest (Top 100), Switzerland, 2023
– Art Moves, 14th International Festival of Art on Billboards (Top 21), Poland, 2021
Gwangju Design Biennial 2021, International Invitational Poster Exhibition, South Korea, 2021
– Human Trafficking, International Reggae Poster Contest (Top 100), Jamaica, 2021
– Peruvian International Biennale, Stop COVID, Top 95 (Out of 9546), America, 2021
– Human Communication, CDAK (Communication Design Association of Korea), Design Center in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2021
– Pen Poster Cartoon Painting Graphic Photography Festival, Broken Pen, Syria, 2021
– DOSTOEVSKY 200 / The beauty will save the world, Special project of the Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design “Golden Bee 15”, Top 200, Russia, 2021
– International Poster Exhibition “IRAQ 100” Celebration of the Centenary of Modern Iraq, Top 100, Iraq, Jordan, France, UK, 2021
– Melies, The Wizard of Cinema, RINC International Network of Visual Creators, Unifrance and the BUAP University Cultural Complex, Mexico, 2021
– The Flying Bird of Asia Poster Biennale, PADO Pakistan Art and Design Organization, Top 20, Pakistan, 2021
– Cow 2021 International Design Biennale (Top 318), Ukraine, 2021
– Ngumbara virtual digital illustration exhibition/ Venture with culture: Journey where time & space collides, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, 2021
– United Korea Flag Design, Seoul Design Festival 2021, Invitational Poster Exhibition, Seoul
– 2021 KICD winter international conference & international invitational exhibition. Theme: Design for environmental, social and governance

Member of AIGA (the professional association for design)
Member of ASEDAS (ASIAN Southeast Digital Art Association)


UNESCO Award Honors, Patras Art Fair, International Painting Symposium, Master class, Cultures of Cosmos, Greece, 2016
2nd Prize in “Poznan in a Poster” (Top 30), University of Arts in Poznań in cooperation with the Rarytas Foundation, Poland, 2020