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Born and raise in Montreal (1985), Marie was quickly looking for a more creative approach in her life. She studied a few years in cinematography before getting into University. Then, with not much to show and little knowledge in the design field, Marie manage with hard work to be accepted at the “École de Design” where she experienced her best years as a young artist. Once out, she dedicated most of her time to create, try stuff. Build up a portfolio. Became a freelancer.

Bergeron’s style is inspired by many, including films and games. Somehow, a more graphic approach contrasted with organic strokes. Always tries to focus the eye on one particular subject, sometimes complexed yet simple. Working with digital tools always suited her best.

Located in Montreal.


Ubisoft Montreal

Sony Entertainment

Gallimard Publications

The Joker Productions

Gulf Stream Éditeur


Texas Monthly Journal

Mega Migs


Fox Entertainment

Bandaï Namco

Riot Games

Marvel Studios

Paramount Pictures

Warner Brothers

The Blacklist

New Scientist


Cummins Inc

Supergiant Games

Gun Media

Variety Magazine

Orca Publications

BOOM Studio

Multiple Particulars / Commissions

Gallery 1988, Los Angeles

Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco

8Bit Gallery, Los Angeles

Bottleneck Gallery, New York

Hero Complex Gallery, Los Angeles

Shibuya Tsutaya, Japan

Willow Poster Museum, Poland

Star Wars: Propaganda

Alternative Movie Posters, Vol. 2

Geek Art, Vol. 2

Packaging Design, Braun Edition

2dots A Curation of Creative work, Tome 1

Alternative Movie Poster, Vol. 2

Willow Museum Catalog

Book of Creation

Multiple Blogs

My Job

Poster Design