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Mauricio Muratalla / Veracruz / México
Graphic designer and visual artist
He studied graphic design at the Gestalt School of Design 1992, he entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Veracruz State University in 1995, from which he obtained a bachelor degree in fine arts, later he completed a master’s degree in cultural marketing and obtained a postgraduate degree in poster design from the institute of fine arts of the Veracruz State University
He has collaborated as an art director and multimedia design producer for the private initiative, government agencies and the cultural sector since 1998. He has been a university lecturer professor on the careers of graphic design, marketing and advertising, currently an independent designer and lecturer professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Veracruz state university for careers in visual communication design and visual arts.
Founder and coordinator of “Autopsia Colectiva-Posters”, a cultural initiative where he coordinate exhibitions of cultural posters, managing to bring together renowned national and international designers, under the theme of “Day of the Dead” (tradition of Mexico and others countries in Latin America ) and which has been carried out in six consecutive editions since 2015.
The design of a social and cultural poster has been its best vehicle for dialogue and is where he finds the ideal support to generate synergy with society and its environment. His poster work has been selected, awarded and exhibited in Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Iran, China, Holland, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Peru, South Korea and Ecuador.