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In every period of society, social problems and dilemmas have always affected people in different ways. In each period, they tried to bring these problems and difficulties to the attention of the officials or to inform the people about them through various forms. In the past, this was mostly done through magazines and newspapers, but today, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to use art posters designed by tasteful designers. Social poster is one of the types of posters that play an important role in informing the problems of the society and one should be very careful in designing it.

Social poster design
Designing a social poster is a difficult responsibility and may not be done by everyone. Informing the problems and difficulties of the people is an important issue, so we must be very careful in this work. Only designers who have a meticulous look and can best convey the news to the people and the authorities through art should design social posters. A good social poster at first glance should convey the theme to the person who sees it.

In designing a social poster, the peak of creativity should be shown and the importance of the problems that people are currently facing should be reminded in the best possible way. These types of posters may require a lot of time to spend in order to best convey a special meaning and concept to the audience.

The castle of poster designers.
On the Poster Castle website, you can find a variety of social posters (and other types of posters: such as cultural posters) designed by Iranian designers. In these posters, you can see how the designer conveys a problem to the people and the authorities through art and tries to shout out the concern that is gripping the people.

In fact, every social poster is a cry from the people of the community to express problems. In Poster Castle, you can see different types of this poster.

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