fake news poster

The poster asks questions related to the filtering of information and the manipulation of modern society. Every day we are bombarded with news of a dubious origin. The truth has become extinct. The media serves only political interests. In this period of pandemic and episodic lockdowns throughout 2020, it’s easy to lose sight of the reality outside if you only read the sources that are fishy and suspicious. After all, where did real journalism go?
The poster language is entirely from popular symbols used in different types of communication. All are converted in a filter into the result of [email protected] NEWS. I use vibrant and poisonous green to enhance the impact on the viewer of something threatening.
The poster is published as part of an interview with me in the Bulgarian magazine “POLYGRAFIA” in its 5th edition 2020. Spreading the message of caution in what we believe in society. The work is a part of a series of posters on the topic “Fake News”.

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