Hommage: Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001)


The true icon and father of Bulgarian Graphic Design

Stefan Kanchev (1915 -2001) was not just talented but also an exceptionally industrious artist. All of his works to the last letter were drawn by hand. His passion was so great that often he worked night and day without stopping. He created more than 1000 trademarks, signs, and symbols that dominate Bulgarian everyday life.

“Kanchev’s talent in developing fonts is especially noticeable. We can safely call him one of the pioneers of modern Bulgarian font and graphic language with the clear simplicity, accuracy, and unique precision of execution. As in other areas of graphic design such as the creation of stamps, postcards, trademarks, posters, advertisements, and others, so in font graphics Kanchev has his own and unique handwriting, “wrote Evgeny Atanasov.

In 1994 Stefan Kanchev was recognized as one of the top ten designers of trademarks in the world along with Paul Rand, Saul Bass and etc. The title was awarded by the International trademark center in Ostend, Belgium.

To this day, Stefan Kanchev remains an example for all young graphic artists, as the man painted an entire era in Bulgarian visual communication.

The text is from the website dedicated to his life work:

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