Requiem pour les artistes

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Requiem for artists
Direction and choreography: Elizabeth Czerczuk
Original music: Sergio Gruz, Julian Julien
Vocals: Erik Karol
Scenography, sets: Joseph Kruzel
Costumes: Joanna Sroka Jasko
Sound, Lights: Tsiresy Begana, Adrien Colomb
With: Marie Chéreau, Laurence Crémoux-Colson, Szandra Deáki, Angela Diana, Aurélie Gascuel, Roland Girault, Valentina Gonzales Salgado, Yvan Gradis, Marie-Cécile Gueguen, France Hervé, Erik Karol, Yann Lemo, Barbara Orzelowska, Chantal Pavese, Sarah Pierret, Coralie Prosper, Zbigniew Rola, Elzbieta Rosa Desbois, Elzbieta Swiatkowska, Roxy R.Théobald, Miguel Angel Torres Chavez, Özge Pelin Tüfekçi, Julien Villacampa Boya Saura.

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