I have been asked to make poster for a “Tolerance” poster show organized by Mirko Ilic (thank you for invitation!). I decided to make a bit different work than all others – to show something what is very tolerated now and what should not be.

“My body, my choice” – it’s well known phrase used by women who claimed to have the law to kill their child. They call it fetus, a non-human piece of cells. Well, we all have been a fetus once.

I didn’t want to be drastic and show blood – I used two great paintings to show my point of view: Leonardo DaVinci “Madonna Benois” (small Jesus) and Rubens “Crown of Thorns” (purple fabric – blood). I used pictures of Jesus on purpose – his mother, Mary, was in very similar, or even in worse situation than many women who commit abortion – she could been killed because of her pregnancy.

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