Victory Day 1945 Poster | 1st Place in RDA Competition

Victory Day 1945

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The 1st Place Winning Poster of International Poster Contest dedicated to the Victory Day in II World War | Selected in the Final Exhibition of 5th Moscow Poster CompetitionTitle: Russian Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War 1945
The poster create to celebrate the happiness of the victory day in Russia. It’s designed to commemorate and honor the struggle of Russian soldiers (in green army uniform color with red and yellow attributes) who won against and destroyed Nazi army in a the Great Patriotic War in 1945. 
The symbol of patriotic star and Kremlin used to represent the Russian identity. The graphic elements are made more dominated by light that symbolize respect, reflection, celebration, victory and glory, glow and shiny, movement, spirit, color, and balance.
The poster won the 1st place in the International Poster Contest dedicated to the Victory Day in II World War that is organized by Russia Design Association, “RDA” magazine, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The Jury members consists of leading russian and international design experts.

It was also selected in the final exhibition of 5th Moscow Poster Competition.

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