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Poster for Tomorrow 2022

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Competition regulations
“Do the Right Thing” is the 12th poster design competition organised by Poster for Tomorrow.
The competion is part of the poster for tomorrow project.
It aims to promote graphic design as a tool for social change.
Poster for tomorrow requires participants to produce original designs that will be included in an indexed, searchable database for charities to use for free.

Commercial advertising agencies, magazines or institutions which were not partners of the project can also buy the right of using a posters. In these cases, they have to send a detailed description of their use, its periodicity as well as a financial proposal. In this cases, Poster for tomorrow will contact the authors and ask their agreement.

poster for tomorrow rewards the 100 best designs received by including them in an exhibition that will be held in a series of cities around the world.

1. Jury
The competition is judged in two phases by a pre-selection committee and an international jury.
4tomorrow commits to change at least 50% of the jury members each year the competition is held.

– Pre-selection committee
The pre-selection committee is composed of an international group of 30 to 100 members of the design, media and advertising industries as well as charities and educational institutions.
A full listing of the pre-selection committee members will be published before  May 1st on our website.

–  Live Jury panel
The jury is composed by a international panel of 10 recognised professional designers.
Names and profiles to be published Before June 1st on our website.
Reducing the carbon footprint of our judging process
To reduce our carbon footprint we will organise our live judging sessions to coincide with a international design event. In this way we can assemble the jurors without asking them to make another significant journey.
[This year the judging will take place in Lecce, Italy in partnership with “Conversazioni sul futuro”].

– Duties of the jurors and
pre-selection committee members
The pre-selection committee members commit to review all the designs submitted by the participants in an online environment.
The jury members will attend the official meeting of the panel in Lecce – Italy.
The jury chairperson will prepare a written report of the voting results.
No jury member nor member of their immediate family, firm, or design teams (designers that collaborate with them on a regular basis) may compete in the contest.

–  Entry selection process
The pre-selection committee members will examine all the design submitted by the entrants in an online environment, determine whether they meet admission requirements and exclude those that do not.
This selection will shortlist at least 300, maximum 400 designs, but never more than 15% of the entries received.
The jury members will examine the shortlisted designs in an official face-to-face meeting.
They will determine the 100 designs that will make up the “Fake News!” exhibition and book.
poster for tomorrow board members will highlight 10 designs from this selection, aiming to represent what has been achieved by the contest. These 10 designs are going to be used by international press before the official worldwide exhibition dates.
–  Independent moderator
4tomorrow and its staff will act as an independent moderator amongst the jury and the entrants.
4tomorrow will be responsible for:
receiving all submission; receiving written questions from the participants within the competition deadline;
passing the written questions received, without disclosing any names, to the jury chairperson or to a juror appointed by the jury chairperson for answering questions; sending all the questions and the jury’s corresponding answers to all entrants within the competition deadline; closing the submissions entry online system by the competition deadline;
compiling a register of all participants and their submissions;making the submissions available for voting operations to the pre-selection committee and to the jury.

4tomorrow and its staff may not act as jurors, nor in the jury panel, neither in the pre-selection committee. Furthermore, 4tomorrow and its staff may not take part in the jury’s work in any way.
However, ONLY, top 10 posters will be selected amongst the 100 by 4tomorrow team.

Submissions will be handled by the organiser directly through an automated online system that prevents the disclosure of participants’ identity at all times. 4tomorrow is responsible for deciding how to act regarding technical failures on the submission system that might cause delays in the submission or loss of the entries and will decide whether to include the entries involved in the system failure or not at its own discretion.

To get in contact with 4tomorrow, please see contact information available at

2. Time frame

The call for entries opens on February the 10th, 2022 at 11:59 AM Paris time.
From that date it will be possible to submit entries through poster for tomorrow’s website.
The closing time for submissions is on June 10th 2022 at 12: PM (Paris time).

3. The Brief
Read the last page of this regulations file.

4. Entries
– Entry specifications
An entry to the competition consists of a portrait format poster addressing the proposed creative brief. Posters may be designed by a single author or by a team.

Designs submitted to the contest must be original artworks that are previously unpublished.
The designs must consist entirely of the authors’ own work and must not include any copyrighted material.
Participants may submit up to 6 different posters.
Designs must be presented in vertical format. Landscape (horizontal) format entries will not be considered valid for the competition.
Designs must not contain any logos, from 4tomorrow, poster for tomorrow or any of our partner charities or institutions.
Designs shall be anonymous during the judging process, therefore they must not be signed by the author or bear any other distinguishing marks.

– Technical requirements

To enter, participants are asked to register to poster for tomorrow’s website and submit their entries through the website form.
Entries must be submitted as JPG files of 2953×4134 pixels at a resolution of 150DPI, (corresponding to 50×70 cm in printed size) saved in RGB colour space.

– Entry validity
Any valid entry from an eligible participant received within the competition time frame will be submitted to the jury for judging. A valid entry is one that matches all the requirements as specified in articles 4.A and 4.B

Entries that are not relevant to the brief, or do not match the requirements as specified in articles 4.A and 4.B, might be excluded from the competition at the discretion of the jury.

– Exceptions to entry validity
Designs received after June 10th 2021 at 12:00 AM (Paris time) will be ineligible for the competition, except if the deadline is officially postponed.

If the submission has been delayed by a technical failure on poster for tomorrow’s website, the independent moderator will decide whether to accept or not the entry at its own discretion.

5. Awards
poster for tomorrow will not award any monetary prizes.

poster for tomorrow will reward the best 100 designs (selected by the jury) by including them in the “Fake News” exhibition, as part of an event called “Paris Poster Biennale”, that will be held in a series of cities around the world.
A book about the exhibition will be published. The selected participants are entitled to a copy of the book free of charge, but are asked to cover the postage costs at their own expense.

Posted by Hervé Matine on February 10th, 2022

Do the right thing | Call for Entries is open!

We are pleased to announce that poster for tomorrow’s 12th edition, “DO THE RIGHT THING”, is now officially open.
Thanks to Armando Milani, the campaign now has its own logo, which we are very happy with. Grazie Armando!
Now the contest is open you have until Friday June 10th to submit entries via our website.
The full brief (in several languages), together with tips and competition regulations, is available to download on our website. Click here to access the project menu.

Live Jury
In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we will once again the live judging session in Lecce, Italy. This year it will take place at (insert venue name) on September 22-25, thanks to the generous support of «Conversazioni sul futuro».


Do The Right Thing


In a world that is becoming increasingly polarised, perhaps the one thing that unites us all is the conviction that we are all acting for the right reasons. And having formed an opinion about an issue, there is little room to have it changed by listening to an opposing view. Fake news has eroded trust in facts. So how can we move forward?

For inspiration we returned to the things that motivated us to start poster for tomorrow. Injustice. The violation of human rights. A burning passion to inspire positive change in the world. In short, a desire to do the right thing.

This year we want to inspire people to remember the human rights we should all enjoy: education, gender equality, housing, work, healthcare, to name but a few. If we act with these in mind, it should become clearer whether we’re really doing the right thing. It’s our duty to ourselves and each other.


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