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Take A Step Towards Violence Against Women / Poster competition

Deadline: October 25, 2021
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The competition aims to raise awareness on “Violence Against Women” and to maintain this awareness; It includes reminding the individuals’ responsibilities towards the family structure and women with the topic “Take a Step Towards Violence Against Women”. Accordingly, it includes the formation of a society that is sensitive to human rights, understanding, respectful, selfless, humane, fair, and acknowledging its rights towards women. It also includes women’s immunity, dignity, nonviolent society, compassion in the family, early marriage, forced marriage, non-violent society, abuse, tolerance, anger management and children’s rights.

Aim and Scope of the Competition

It can be said that one of the most important social and family problems of today is the issue of “Violence Against Women”. This problem is simply a situation that exists in many countries of the world not only in Turkey.

In this respect, the reports prepared by international organizations every year reveal the problem strikingly with its statistical dimension. To protect the family structure, to be able to say no to all kinds of violence against women, to examine the source of violence against women visually, to raise awareness, to mobilize social sensitivity, to raise awareness of individuals on this issue, to create designs that contain messages for empathy of the opposite sex, and these products as an educational material when necessary. It is a need to ensure that it is used. This effort can be done individually or socially. However, it cannot be said that this is at a sufficient level now and that it has been achieved by using different media. Therefore, it can be stated that especially public institutions and universities should make more efforts in this regard. In addition, applications that are not used much but have high impact value when used, thanks to their visibility, the use of these images on many areas and products and the awareness created by the public attention when used, highlight the art / design activities. For this reason, it has been planned to organize an international poster competition “Violence Against Women”.

The competition will be visible and raise awareness in many countries of the world thanks to an international jury to be established. Competition juries will be made up of people working in the field of professional and academic work both in Turkey and abroad. With the active participation of the followers of these juries and the people who want to participate in the competition, the aimed awareness can be achieved to a great extent. In addition, watching the poster exhibitions and even using them as educational material will increase the sustainability and impact value of the posters that will appear after the competition. For this reason, organizing and using a poster competition in international media constitutes the scope of the project.

Opening the first 100 poster design exhibition to be selected from the poster competitions, preparing a product catalog from the first 100 works and sending them to the relevant institutions and organizations, some of the designs to be selected from the first 100 works can be used in different graphic design products (website, mail design, calendar, postcard, mural, totem etc. outdoor advertisements) constitutes the scope of the project. The level of awareness can be increased by opening exhibitions / exhibitions of the first 100 works to be created from poster designs in different countries and cities if desired.

1. Award10.000 TL and Certificate of Archievement(1st Prize)
2. Award6.000 TL and Certificate of Archievement(2nd Prize)
3. Award3.000 TL and Certificate of Archievement(3rd Prize)
4. AwardCertificate of Achievement(Jury special prize)
5. AwardCertificate of Achievement(Jury special prize)
6. AwardCertificate of Achievement(Jury special prize)
The awards will be deposited into the accounts of the award winners, after deducting legal taxes and bank transfer expenses, within 12 months following the award ceremony to be held at the place and date to be decided by the Organizing Committee.
  1. The competition will be pre-selected. For this purpose, the designs will be evaluated by a pre-selection jury, which will be formed from among the main jury members or according to the decision of the organizing board, with the participation of the new jury members proposed by the organizing board. This process will take place between 29-30 October 2021.
  2. The Selection Committee will make the evaluation online in digital environment between 2-5 November 2021. During the evaluation, the jury will not see any information about the user other than the poster design.
  3. The first 120 posters ( will be suspended between 8-10 November 2020. If there is an objection due to the copy or high similarity of the posters, the justifications of the objections will be evaluated by the organizing board and, if deemed appropriate, the objected designs will be removed from the list, instead the designs / designs will be added from the reserve list and their announcement will be made on November 12, 2021. Two days will be given to object to these designs. If there is an objection to these designs, the organizing board will decide whether this process will continue and the result will be announced on 15 November 2021 (
Entry Opens: March 12, 2021
Deadline: October 25, 2021

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