A fairy tale about princess Popi and the dragon of Tarabistrak Poster

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Teatr Stajnia Pegaza A fairy tale about princess Popi and the dragon Tarabistraku based on “HISTORIE DU PRINCE PIPO, DE PIPO LE CHEVAL ET DE LA PRINCESS” by Pierre Gripari, translated by Grażyna Szadkowska Age preferences: 3 We invite you to the second part of the performance “A fairy tale about Prince Pipo and his red horse “. How do you find a lover who appears only in dreams, and how to defeat the mighty dragon Tarabistrak? These questions will have to be answered by Princess Popi, the main character of The Tale of Princess Popi and the Dragon of Tarabistrak. The brave and brave princess will travel the world in search of her dream beloved, Prince Pipo and will go to the Shelter for Stray Children, which is extremely difficult to leave. And on the horizon of this difficult journey there is still … a dragon. The fairy tale will also introduce the figure of the ambitious and strict King, Father Popi, who will want to force her to use his unique talent. The brave Popi can make all her dreams come true, if she thinks about them hard enough. The story of Popi’s long journey will vividly show the maturation of the princess, who will get a taste of power and responsibility and learn about the inevitability of passing. Will she be ready to become Queen? The clear advantage of the fairy tale is its tone – the story poses quite adult questions and, appreciating the intuition and wisdom of children, is not afraid to answer them in this way. This form makes the story an attractive proposition for the whole family. The more that adults will find many very topical questions and problems on its cards. The show is an adaptation of “Fairy tales about Prince Pipo, about the horse Pipo and Princess Popi” by French writer Pierre Gripari. We are offering the show to children aged 4. Script and direction: Ewa Ignaczak Light and musical arrangement: Marzena Chojnowska Cast: Ida Bocian, Małgorzata Polakowska, Piotr Mahlik


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