Theater Antigone
The poster of Antigone

The poster of the play “Antigone” directed by Ali Razi will be unveiled in the Samandarian Hall of Iranshahr Theater. According to the media consultant of “Antigone” play, the poster of this play, designed by Siamak Pourjabar, was unveiled before the public performance of “Antigone” in the Samandarian Hall of Iranshahr Theater. Ali Razi, writer, designer and director of “Antigone”, wrote this work with a free look at the play “Antigone” by Jean Anou and it will be staged in the form of a public performance. In the play “Antigone” by Saber Abr, Nawal Sharifi and Natalie Matthew play the role. The agents of this play are: Moderator: Noureddin Heidari Maher, Light Designer: Saba Kasmaei, Sound Designer: Safa Kamideh, Video Designer: Reza Vajdani, Assistant Director: Mohammad Reza Al Taha, Photographer: Ali Shilandari and Graphic Designer: Siamak Pourjbar.

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