The poster of BAD SIGNS

Designed Poster for the nonprofit Project Poster for Tomorrow, whose theme was The Right to Education in connection with an activity called “A Day for Tomorrow”, which celebrates the anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights with an exhibition which took place in several countries around the world such as:
Austria, Bolivia, Botswana, Canada, Colombia, Congo, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United States and Venezuela
This poster has been awarded with:
Gold Award. Poster Annual 2017. Graphis Inc. New York, USA
Bronze Award in the AGDIE 2014 (Asian Graphic Design Invitation Exhibition) South Korea
Bronze Prize in the 10th International Poster Triennial in Toyama, Japan. 2012
Honorable Mention in the 12th BICM (International Poster Biennial in Mexico) 2012
Top 10. Poster for Tomorrow 2011. Paris, France.

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