conceptual accessories group exhibition Poster

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poster for conceptual accessories group exhibition / Foujan Amiri, one of the artists participating in the exhibition, told HonarOnline about how and why this event will be held: They present themselves in the form of conceptual jewelry about Tehran. Amiri explained the reason for naming the exhibition as “Agha Mohammad Khan Demat Garm”: “Since all the works on display in this exhibition are about the city of Tehran and Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar was the first kingdom to choose Tehran as the capital of Iran. We chose the title for the group exhibition of concept dresses. The artist further stated: In fact, the word “pirayeh”, which has been used a lot in the past, has replaced the word “jewelry” in the poster of this exhibition, and each of the 60 artists present in this exhibition has created a number of works describing the city of Tehran. Amiri said about the time and place of the “Agha Mohammad Khan Demat Garm” conceptual clothing exhibition: This exhibition will be held from 9 to 27 October in Abtin Gallery, Valiasr Street, not far from Parkway Crossroads, Khakzad Street, Abtin Gallery. The designer and manufacturer of concept jewelry stated in conclusion: This exhibition will be organized by Mostafa Asadollahi, an artist in this field, Ganjeh Art Shop and Gallery.


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