Cow Poster

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Alternative Poster For Mash Hassan: I am not Mash Hassan. I’m Cow’s Mash Hassan! Mehrjoui streamed the film before the revolution, which was one of the creators of the new wave of Iranian cinema. The first Iranian film to enter foreign festivals. Mehrjoui joined Gholamhossein Saedi’s theater group in 1969 after the defeat of the action film “Diamond 33” and went to one of the storytellers in Saedi’s book “The Mourners of Bill”. The story of the villagers, including Mash Hassan, about having a richer cow than the others. One or two days when Mash Hassan is not in the village, a cow dies and the villagers are worried about how to tell him the truth. They are right. Because Mash Hassan, who can not accept the dead cow, gradually becomes an alien cow. One of the most fascinating films ever made about the concept of alienation and conquest. The mezzanines of the film are theatrical and Ezzatullah Entezami’s performance in the role of Mash Hassan is astonishing; An example of high-level acting in the method of acting. Cow Movie


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