Gheysar Movie
The poster of Gheysar Movie

One of the brothers of Ab-e-Mangul named Mansour (Jalal Pishvaeian) insults Fati. Fati, after writing a letter to his mother (Iran Daftari) and his uncle (Jamshid Mashayekhi), commits suicide and dies in hospital. Farman (Nasser Malek Matiei), Fati’s older brother, goes to Ab Mangal Brothers’ shop after learning about it. Because he had previously sworn never to use a knife again, he confronted the Ab Mangal brothers with empty hands. Mansour’s two brothers, Rahim (Gholamreza Sarkoob) and Karim (Hassan Shahin), take him by surprise and kill him. Qaisar (Behrouz Vosoughi), Farman’s younger brother, returns from a trip to the south and, after learning of the case, goes to the Ab Mangal brothers for revenge. He kills Karim in the bathroom and Rahim in the slaughterhouse. Then, together with the grandmother of Mashhad, the laundry of their neighborhood, she goes to Mashhad for a pilgrimage. When the emperor returns from the pilgrimage, he learns of his mother’s death. In the cemetery, during the burial of his mother, with the help of his fianc√© (Puri Banai), he escapes from the police and is stabbed to death by a dancer (Shahrzad) at the railway station. Finally, the police arrest him.

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