Stop Animal Cruelty Poster

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Cosmetics are one of the most popular consumer products all over the world. However, the health of the materials used in them must also be confirmed. One of the ways to make it possible to produce safe materials is to test them before they are put on the market. Unfortunately, in some brands and companies, said experiments do not go down a very interesting path. Unfortunately, sometimes the feet of dumb animals are involved; That is, before various cosmetic products are launched on the market, they are tested on animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and dogs. This is where our beauty ends with cosmetic products at the cost of the lives of innocent animals.
In addition to the inhumanity of inflicting suffering on innocent animals in the name of beauty, it has been proven today that animal testing is not an efficient and accurate method to prove the safety of cosmetics; However, many developed countries still insist on this violence against animals in their industry!


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