The wishes of a blind mouse Poster

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According to the General Office of Public Relations and International Affairs, the play “The Wishes of a Blind Mouse” written by Saeed Abak is for children aged 5 to 12 and features artists such as Khalegh Ostovari, Saeed Abak, Ali Barouti and Hoda Haj Taheri. The summary of this play is as follows; One moonlit night, a little blind mouse decides to go out of his house underground and pursue his dream of seeing the sun. On his way, he encounters forest animals and wonderful adventures happen to the blind mouse. Masoumeh Aravaz, assistant director, Sina Yilagh Beigi, stage designer, Siamak Pourjabar, poster and brochure designer, Reza Khazraei, lighting designer, Hanieh Zahmatkesh and Elahe Mirzaei, costume and accessory designer are other actors in this play.


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