Time Out in Thailand Poster

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An international couple remains stranded in Thailand when the Covid pandemic interrupts their planned vacation. Over the next 18 months, they learn important life lessons while documenting the natural beauty, culture and people of Thailand.

Elena, a marketing consultant from Bulgaria, and Michael, an American aerospace engineer, set out to plan a vacation in Southeast Asia. The couple is blocked in Thailand when the country closes its borders due to the impending pandemic.

As tourists leave Thailand on possible flights, Elena and Michael choose to wait at the scene until the end of the emergency. They found themselves stuck for 18 months, during which they traveled throughout Thailand and learned to cope without knowing the language or local customs. Gradually, the couple immersed themselves in the Thai way of thinking and the slower pace of life.
During this unexpected ending, they learn new things about themselves, several dreams of Elena come true and their lives change forever from the experience.


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