Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation

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By submitting a poster, you, the designer(s), take full responsibility for your work. Poster Castle will under no circumstances be held accountable for the work/submissions of anyone submitting their work to the site (www.postercastle.com). Poster Castle will not be held responsible for any breach of copyright laws.

You agree to let Poster Castle publish your work for promotional purposes on its social media channels. The submitter will always be credited by name and, if possible, with a link to their social media accounts or personal website.

Suppose your poster is considered for a Poster Castle-related exhibition or any other printed media. In that case, Poster Castle will get in contact and ask you/the designer to permit the usage of the work.

The designer keeps all the rights to their work(s).

Poster Castle holds the right to delete or refuse any submission while doing its best to keep the site as open as possible.

By submitting a poster to postercastle.com, you agree to let us store your submitted personal data (name, email, and URL) in our system and allow us to use your name and URL to credit your work here on postercastle.com as well as on other platforms and social channels connected to postercastle.com. 

These terms of participation may change in the future.

Updated 1st of February 2022

Postercastle team